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forloveofmanga's Journal

For the Love of Manga!
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This is a free manga journal, a-k-a the manga version of my music communities. Sharing my favorite manga, or manga I just got into! ♥ MANGA FOREVER!

1. No bashing my manga choices.
2. Comment ALWAYS if you're taking something.
and that's all!

Potential FAQ's
Is the manga scanlated into English?
YES! There will never be a time when I upload a raw series unless it's really rare. I'm not that good at Japanese yet, so you'll always see scanlations in my posts.

What kind of manga will be posted?
All kinds! ♥ I like all genres of manga except for mecha. So you won't see anything redundant!

What is a .rar file?
A compressor that works a lot like a .zip but it compresses smaller without losing the quality. I use it all the time. To open a .rar, you need WinRAR. Google that. Google magic, my friends.

Are these your scanlations?
...Are you serious?

What is doujinshi?
Fan-made manga. A visual version of fanfiction. Simple as that. Some is pretty clean, but a helluva lot of it is hentai material. So be careful.

Will you post dojo (doujinshi)?
If it's good enough, maybe.

What about the specifications of the manga?
I give info about the manga like this - Title (English or Japanese, whichever one I know/like better), Manga-ka, Whether or Not It's Licensed, Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), and my grade (F, D, C, B, A). And of course the summary. ^^

Any other questions that may come up will be added!