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You're a such a menkui -_-;;

I am the most horrible manga mod in the history of manga mods. But, I hope you forgive me, because here is an uber-cute series for you to enjoy.

Title: Menkui!

Manga-ka: Suzuki Tanaka

Genre: Shounen-Ai, Comedy

Length: 3 Volumes (Complete...apparently)

Licensed: Yes, by BLU Manga

Rating: PG-13

Grade: A+
It's such a cute story, and I really like the art style. It's realistic, endearing, funny. Only problem I have with it is the ending. You'll see what I mean when you read it. ~_^;; But other than that, XD. A highly recommended series.

Summary: It’s hard to be in high school, especially when you live in the shadow of your stunningly attractive older brother. It only gets worse when the really cute guy from the class next to yours starts hanging around your house, presumably to catch a glimpse of said older brother. But things are not always as they seem! Kotori is often teased for being superficial, and with a brother like Kujaku, you can’t really blame him for thinking that looks are everything. However, once Akaiwa steps into his life, Kotori is heading for a lesson in deep trust and abiding love. There’s a lot more under the surface that he’s finally about to get a chance to see! (from BLUmanga.com)

Volume 1 // Volume 2 // Volume 3
Comments are just so much love for me. They motivate me to keep running this comm. (and I'll upload something that isn't boys love next time, okay? XD)